Monday, 29 August 2016

Tips to Paint Kitchen Cabinet Like a Professional

If the kitchen cabinets are really in good form but have turned dull or dark then you can make the space look better with painting rather than spending so much on it. It is possible for you to hire the pro for spray painting them for about thousand dollars or even more than that. There is one more alternative which is less messy or costly for you to consider. If you are making use of a brush and painting the cabinet yourself things can be much better. Here are the steps for you to follow so that you can paint kitchen cabinet like a professional in Singapore. There is no need for you to worry and you need not have any idea in this for painting well.

Prepare the Room

The first thing that you need to do before you start with kitchen painting job is to get the cabinets empties as well as counters cleared off. You may also need to remove the appliances that are free standing. The furniture need to be relocated to other rooms. Rosin paper can be taped over countertops as well as flooring. Plastic sheeting should be taped on interior doorways, fixed appliances, windows as well as backsplash. It is possible for you to then set up the painting doors, shelves and drawers.

Removing Doors, Shelves and Drawers

It is good to back out hinge screws out of cabinet frame and get the doors removed. It is good to work that in strategic way and label those with tape that is numbered. The drawer bottoms and cabinet shelves also need to be numbered. It is also good set the self that is having hanging hardware. It is good for you to get the hinges, saves to be removed so that you can reuse things. On doors, you can transfer number that is there on tape to wood that is exposed under hinger. Cover that with a fresh tape.

Cleaning All the Surfaces
The success and perfection with your kitchen cabinet painting depends mainly on the preparation of the surface. You need to clean all the surfaces on which you are planning to do painting. It is good to scrub all the face frames, shelving, drawer fronts and doors using abrasive pad that has got dipped with liquid deglosser. It is good for you to hold rag underneath so that you catch drips. Before the deglosser actually evaporates, it is good to wipe that residue quickly by cleaning again.

Fill Holes

If you have any plans to relocate hardware then fill the holes of old screw using an autobody filler. You can mix the required amount and fill it in better way. When it sets, it is good to get the excess removed from it using a scraper that is sharp. It may harden completely then you can sand that smooth and remove the same well. It is always necessary for you to have the cabinet in a form that is much better and smooth to do painting well.

Sand Vac& Tack Boxes

It is good for sanding all the surfaces using grain that uses 100 grit paper. For ensuring that no dust is there before you paint. You can vacuum the kitchen cabinets both from inside and outside. Hand sanding is the best technique that you can use on the materials like oak to do that well. A tack cloth can be used for catching debris that are left on the cabinets even after the vacuuming is done. It is always good that you make the best use of it for getting better kind of results. It can give your surface better finishing.

Priming Boxes

If your kitchen cabinet in Singapore is made with woods like cherry or maple that are tight grained then you can paint them using primers that are oil based. They may sink to woods that are open grained like hickory, mahogany, ash and oak. Brushing putting, pudding thick and the oil based ones used on oak kitchen cabinet can help in filling grain when it primes wood. There are a few caveats which needs to be applied using nylon polyester brush of very good quality. You need to start brushing on primer or can brush putty all across grain and then tip off. It is good for you to do tip off in just single stroke from an end to another. It is good for giving it a day for drying. It is good for you to sand flat surfaces using sander of random orbit and also grit paper of 220. It is good for sanding any profiled surface using sanding sponge of medium grit. When it is all done then things can be very smooth as glass. It is the best thing that can be suitable for you.

Caulk Seams & Fill Dents

If there are any open seams then squeeze a thin bead of latex caulk to that. You should pull tip when you go and then get the caulk smooth using damp finger. It is good for you to fill the dings, scratches or dents using putty knife. When it is tried in about 60 minutes, it is good for sanding again with a paper of 220 grit. It is possible for you to vacuum and wipe that using tack cloth. It is possible for spotting prime the Spackle and also other spots when you are brushing on the primer that is really burned through.

Paint Boxes

It is good for you to get the paint applied from top towards bottom across grain. For the cabinet interiors, it is good to apply paint using smooth surface with mini roller which can leave even the texture of slight orange peel. It is good for sanding all the surface by making use of grit paper.

Spot Prime
If there is any more bare wood then spray a primer that dried fast. This is important so that there is no need for you to worry about it.