Sunday, 17 July 2016

How Do I Engage A Professional Painter?

People hire a professional painter not only to avoid the stress of painting their home but also to save their valuable time for other important things in their life. Things start looking outdated and shabby in every household after few years. If the walls of your home in Singapore have started looking dull and discoloured then it becomes necessary to give them a new coat of paint to give them a new look. 

Many people use DIY techniques to accomplish the task affordably but sometimes this money saving tactic cost them heavily if they not familiar with them. So in such condition it is better to hire professional painter to paint your home perfectly. But there are certain factors you must consider before hiring a professionally trained painting artist. Some of these factors are briefly discussed here under for your guidance.

Reasons to hire a painting contractor

Do not go always for the cheapest: People usually search for the cheapest to finish the painting work within their budget but they usually forget that the cheapest can never be the best. If you hire the cheapest painter then he cannot give perfect look to your home even if you have used the best quality paint. He may be cheap because of his imperfect expertise in this field which can prove to be spoil sport for you.

Know clearly about your needs: While hiring a professional painter it should be clear in your mind what type of work you want in your home so that you can give him instructions accordingly. You must give clear instructions to the painting artist so that there may not be any confusion in accomplishing the task. You must create a job sheet to make the things clear before starting the work.

Customer service: Though people do not give much importance to this aspect while hiring a professionally trained painter but still it is important to maintain interaction between you and the professional before, during and after completing the work. They must be friendly and reliable and act professionally every time while meeting with you. If their attitude is not positive even before starting the job then you can think of some other alternative.

Focus on the smallest details: While painting your home after several years you should focus on all of its features, internal and external both, as the interior and exterior of your home have equal importance. In fact every visitor assesses your status from the exterior of your home. You should instruct your professional painter about the smallest details to give a perfect look to your home.

Do not forget the importance of colour: The choice of colour is most important while giving a refreshing look to your home. A professional painter can give you appropriate suggestion in this respect on the basis of his long experience and expertise in this field. There are many other options which can help you in deciding about the suitable colour for your home like colour consultant, books, display homes, internet and magazines still the suggestion of a professionally trained painting contractor can be more reliable in some cases. 

After considering the factors discussed above, it is the time to find out a right and reliable professional painter. Some tips are provided here under which can help you in this regard.  

Tips to hire a professional painter

Ask family and friends: Getting referrals from your family, neighbours, friends and associates, who have hired a contractor in the recent past, is the best way to find out the best professional painter for your home. You can also ask referrals from a nearby paint store as they usually deal with them in routine.

Get quotations from more than one contractor: After discussing your project with several professional painters you should ask quotations from them to compare them and find out who can do the work within your budget. If there is considerable difference in their estimates then you should ask about the reason of disparity. 

Talk with each candidate personally: You can interview all the shortlisted painters to know their experience and terms of reliability like license and insurance bonding as such terms help you in case of any mishap with the workers of your contractor while working at your site. You can also ask about their membership with any local or national association, the type of products they use, written guarantee of their work and whether they will work themselves or hire some subcontractors. You can also ask for references so that you can check the quality of the work of professional painting contractor before hiring him.

Project should be detailed specifically: While discussing your project with various contractors it is better to walk around with them to show them the entire area to be painted include smaller details on the interior and exterior of the house. You should also discuss about the type of finish and colour you want in your home at this stage. Such things can influence the cost of project if not considered in detail while making a written contract. 

Focus on the behaviour of the contractor: While interviewing each professional painter, before starting the work, you should also focus on attitude, behaviour and way of talking. The contractor you choose must be courteous and polite. Whether he responds you in time or not as all these things help in assessing his interest in your work.

Ask for a written contract: After discussing all the things and checking the references you should ask the professional painter you have hired for a written contract in which detailed information of the work to be done should be mentioned. 

Review the contract before signing: After getting the written contract you should review it carefully before signing it so that any missing thing can be included in it. At this stage you can clarify your doubts with the contractor, if any.

In this way you can hire a professional painter in Singapore to give new look to your home. Though you can review the looks of your house at every step but once it is completed you should assess its decor thoroughly so that you can arrange other things like lamps, vase, art pieces and furniture to give your home a complete look.