Thursday, 21 January 2016

5 Colors You Should Never Choose To Paint Your Office

If you find that your energy at work is always on a downward spiral, there must be something keeping you from properly concentrating. The problem may be staring you right in the face. The color of your walls can make all the difference in the level of productivity in your office. The rules for decorating the home don't always apply to the business setting. Bold is not better when it comes to your workspace. Darker colors don't promote a good energy level. Some say that they cannot concentrate in a dark room. Some colors will even fuel distraction and make a person's unable to focus on mental tasks. Yes, your paint color has a supreme impact on how your office or workspace functions.

Finding the right color for your space is easier than ever. There are more paint colors available in Singapore than ever before. It can be easy to find the right hues to increase your productivity. While there are numerous paint colors out there that will look amazing, there are also some colors to avoid. Here are the top five paint colors to steer clear of in your workspace.

White is a sanitary color and often used for hospitals. Whether you are bringing customers into your space or it is just for you don't matter; avoid white at all costs. There is actually research that shows that white walls can hinder your overall effectiveness. So many people use white because it's an easy color that is typically cheap to utilize, but it might affect the bottom line. It is also a fact that white walls can mess with the lightening of a building. If the room is too bright, it can cause headaches and that's a great way to keep efficiency down. Unless you have really bold artwork and furniture to contrast the brilliance of white, keep shopping for a better color selection.

Red is a wonderful color that is full of passion. Some of the greatest interior designers utilize red in their work. Red is great in many settings, and this color can really bring that flare that some people crave. However, red is also known to raise blood pressure and to be distracting. Remember, not every space needs a blast of bold color. Research shows that red is one of the favorite colors of the people of Singapore, but that doesn't mean that it is the best color your office space. Use red in your home all you want, but when it comes to your office space, try something that is going to be interconnected with productivity. Red tends to be very dark. Not only does it take multiple coats and can be costly, but it also can be hard to see the fine items on those contracts with such a bold and dark color.

Orange is another color that makes such a bold statement. It will stand out and really cause people to take notice. However, these darker colors can also point out every single flaw in the wall. If there is plaster or drywall that isn't done just right; the orange paint will only highlight it. Orange is vibrant and invigorating, but it's probably not going to do anything for your office space. If anything, customers will remember the bold color and employees will be distracted by it. Pick something that is known to have more peaceful undertones, like yellow instead of orange.

It seems that most of the world is really embracing the color gray. There are hundreds of different shades, and gray can be one of the colors that people love to hate. Gray is the color of cinder blocks used in dungeons, and it's also the color of battleships. With so many colors to choose from, it's easy to see that this one isn't the best. Depending on which shade is selected can make all the difference in the world. Studies show that gray is actually a depressing color in an office space. Due to the fact that the color itself lacks energy, those who are subjected to a room full of it will probably be hard to motivate. Gray is known as a suppressive color, which is perfect for the bedroom but not the office. If you have too much of this color it can make you lack confidence and can even bring on depression. It can be used as an accent color, but only in small amounts.

Chocolate brown is a color that seems to have picked up a real following in the past decade. While some may think that it is just too much color for their space, it does have places where it is great. In an office setting, this color is way too dark and depressing. Even in the lightest shade possible, a brown just isn't the best choice. It can make furniture blend into the walls and give the space no appeal or character. Brown is often softened by white trim and such, which is another color to avoid in this space. Pick something light and airy and leave the brown alone.

What Colors To Use
Now you know which colors you shouldn't use, but there are many out there that you can utilize to make your space great. Blue is one of the best colors for an office. It is known for its calming effects. From the doctor's office to the accountant, a subtle blue color can increase inspiration and effectiveness. Green is another color that people can't seem to get enough of. A light or mint variety is seemingly very popular. Because it's not too bold, it seems to promote both harmony and balance. Lastly, tan is a widely popular color because these it's neutral that goes with anything. Interior designers love to use tan colors because they allow the space to be transformed and recreated without the need to be repainted with any changes.
It's difficult to pick the perfect color. Remember, lighter colors that are airier seem to be a better option. Dark colors, while great for the home, do very little to get the creative juices flowing.