Wednesday, 16 December 2015

How To Paint Your House For Chinese New Year

The Chinese New Year is just around the corner. This sets the stage for new beginnings, good luck and prosperity in the coming year. Traditionally, the house is supposed to be thoroughly cleaned before ushering in the New Year to get rid of bad luck, past calamities and make room for good things that are expected. In addition to this, one is expected to paint the house. This is a way of ensuring the house is clean, even the walls, but most importantly it is in tune with the Chinese tradition of painting the house most preferably red before starting off the new year’s celebrations.

Why Should You Paint Your House

Firstly, this is in line with the Chinese traditions. Most traditional Chinese homes are painted red when ushering in the New Year. If you do not want to paint your house red, you can still paint it in any other color you want, to give it a new look and make way for a better year. You can choose to paint it yourself but letting a professional handle the job is much better. You will not only be readying the house for the celebrations but you are assured that it will look as good as new for the rest of the year. Here are some things that will make you choose a professional instead.

Not Knowing the Type of Paints to go For

Whether you want to paint the whole house red or part of it, you still require to choose original quality paints. This still applies when going for other colors. Not having the required knowledge means that some vendors may take advantage of your inexperience. They might offer low quality paints that leave your house unattractive and messy. Anyone will tell you that high quality paints leave an impression many months after the job has been done.

In addition, it will dry faster, not require a lot of work when applying and is eco friendly. This means that it emits few to no toxins. You can actually have the painting done when you and the entire household is still around. No need to worry about being affected by the fumes emitted by the paints.

Now Knowing How to Handle the Job

Painting requires experience. It may seem like an easy job but wait until you start it. You may end up messing the whole house and ruining furniture with smudges of paint. An experienced painter will do a clean, neat and attractive job that will leave you satisfied with the results. He will ensure that everything is out of the way if need be or take extra care when painting. You will not find smudges on your carpet, furniture and other house items. In addition, the finished work will be professional and immaculate. He knows how many layers of paint to apply, the types and colors to use.

Not Having the Time

As much as you may want to do the job yourself, even when you are experienced, time might be a big constraint. New Year preparations may leave you with little or no time to handle the task. There is a lot to do which includes preparing the house, buying items for the celebration and ensuring that everyone is ready for the festival. If you have to go to work before the festival begins, this takes most of your time. Instead of painting the house hurriedly, just leave it to an expert to do a professional and pleasing job.

You shouldn’t think of the painting work as an added expense with all you have to spend your money on with the festivities. Painting the house yourself may end up costing you more than it would if you left the work to a professional. You might end up ruining your walls, furniture and floors, which will cost more to fix. In addition, it might be cumbersome and tiring having to move things around in order to paint different walls of the house.

Since getting a professional is the best option you have, there are things you should consider before hiring one. If you don’t know of where to start your search, neighbors, friends and online listings are good places to start. Always have a few contacts you can call and arrange a first meeting before deciding on the one person who will handle the job. Some of the things to look for include,

Level of Experience

You don’t want to hire someone who has never painted a house before. An experienced painter will understand your needs ensuring that the finished work is just the way you wanted. He will also know the products to use, have the required equipment and make sure he does the job on time. Their will be no need for repeat jobs. Experience also teaches a painter the colors to use in different scenarios.

A painter who has been around for long already has a reputation. You can ask the people he has worked for in the past how they rate his services and level of experience.

Professional Approach
A painter who is serious about his work ensures that all his dealings are professional, reliable and honest. He will keep time, work within the stipulated budget, use genuine products and ensure satisfactory results. He will go out of his way to ensure that his clients are satisfied with the work he does. He will also have up to date licenses allowing him to operate in Singapore and ensures all his workers, if any, are experienced and insured. You will not have to be liable to accidents that take place in your resident when the work is in progress.

The Cost

Excellent and quality services will always cost more. This though does not mean that you cannot find a reputable service provider at an affordable rate. If you take your time, you can find someone to work with, within your budget and not compromise on the quality of services offered. Get to know in advance how much you will need to spend on the project.