Wednesday, 16 December 2015

8 Color Ideas For Chinese New Year House Painting

During the Chinese New Year, different people celebrate it in specific ways. You might not have the chance to travel to China and experience the real festival. Nonetheless, you can experience and celebrate it in a unique and more personal way. You can transform the festival into a house painting experience. When you are choosing colors for painting your home during the Chinese New Year, you will first off need to learn the meaning of each color. You might also want to consider the preference and what exactly suits your likes. When choosing the color, you will also want to mind about where you are applying it.

There are some areas sections in the house that will go well with a dark color. On the other hand, some sections of the room will need a brighter color that will lighten it. If you the room is used more frequently, like the living room or the dining room, you will want to choose a brighter color. For the rooms that are not used frequently enough, you can use a brighter color. For instance, the kitchen can have a brighter color, or you can blend a dark and a bright color to level it. You can then choose a darker color for the bedroom. All in all, it is all about choosing a color that is suitable and one that will satisfy your preference and the theme of the Chinese New Year. When you have the perfect color selection, you will be sure of making your home look elegant as you celebrate the festival.
So what are the top eight colors that you would paint your house during the Chinese New Year Festival?

1. Red

This is one of the most dominant colors in the Chinese Tradition. It is also a color that highly dominates the Chinese New Year. In the Chinese restaurants, red is included as a wall painting, and also with the lanterns. According to the Chinese Tradition, Red is a color that symbolizes good luck. It is also a common color of decoration during the New Year.

Red will correspond with fire, mostly linked with the dragons in the Chinese culture. Other than the good luck, red is also associated with joy. Naturally, the color red will make the house look lively and more charming. So if you want to get to the groove and enjoy the color along with others during the Chinese New Year, the best thing to do is to color your house red. You can paint the living room ior the dining room to add more joy intro the room.

2. Yellow

Another common color in the Chinese New Year. Yellow is a color that is known to brighten the room and add more elegance to it. In the Chinese Culture, yellow is considered to correspond with Earth. The color is also determined the most prestigious and beautiful color by the Chinese. They consider yellow to be the center of everything. To some level, yellow is associated with brown, but it is ranked above it. It is also used to signify good luck and neutrality. You can paint different walls in the same room with yellow and red. Yellow is also signifies freedom, and it can be used to make the room look more spacious.

3. Brown

This color is closely associated with yellow, and it is a choice that you can consider during the Chinese New Year. This color can be accompanied with yellow in the same room, or it can be used individually, like in the bedroom. When you paint the walls in a room, with yellow and brown. For instance, you can split the lower section to have yellow and the upper section to have brown. Brown is associated with earth in the Chinese Culture.

4. White

White is generally known to symbolize purity and peace. In the Chinese New Year, white can be used to correspond metal. It represents gold, and it symbolizes fulfillment, purity, and brightness. Nonetheless, you should keep in mind that this is a color used to mourn.

5. Green

Green is a common color in many Singaporean homes. You might have your own preference for this color, but to the Chinese Culture, it symbolizes harmony, prosperity and health. So if you are celebrating some financial success during the Chinese New Year, the best color to choose is green. Even in China, most of the buildings are painted in red and green. So you can blend the two in the same room.

6. Qing

This might seem like a weird and uncommon color to you, but it is basically blue that has some green in it. It is developed from the notion of a plant as it is sprouting. This color is also linked to the wood element in the Chinese culture. So when you are choosing it, ensure that you apply it where you need to have a darker environment, like in a bedroom.

7. Black

Several homes in Singapore are applying their kitchens black. This is a color that can look perfect enough if you choose the right black paint. It corresponds water in the Chinese Culture and is considered a neutral color. The Chinese believe that Black is a Heavenly color. Black is a color that will make a room look smaller, so you should choose where to apply it wisely.

8. Earth Tone

The earth tone is a color that can include warm grays, clay, beige, or sandy. These are colors that can also look good in the house, and they are neutral colors as well. The color can go well with most of the other colors in the list. They can be used to make the room look elegant, and they can be used in any room as well.

When you want to choose a color to match the Chinese New Year and your preference, you can consider consulting a professional in the house painting. The company should also give you suggestions of the best colors to use during the Chinese New Year so that you cna achieve the perfect results.