Thursday, 12 November 2015

7 Reasons Why You Should Use a Commercial Painter

The right paint job is one of the most affordable and easiest ways of transforming the feel and look of your property. There are numerous benefits associated with painting, including the fact that it adds value to investment, enhances curb appeal, decreases the risk of weather- related damages, promotes indoor air quality, keeps dust & dirt to a minimum and hides permanent stains and marks among many others. If you would like to paint your home or office, you may be tempted to engage in a DIY project. It is not advisable as you are better off with a professional if you want to enjoy the desired results. Here are seven reasons why you should use a commercial painter

1. Saves time 

Hiring an expert painter means that you will not have to wait a million years before you can see incredible results. This is because they are focused on the job and are committed to making sure that they deliver results the very first time. In most cases, it will only take a day or two to get a professional and complete finish. Working with an expert also implies that you will gain access to their immense wealth of knowledge that they have gathered from years of experience. These are people who know the type of paint to use for each room or situation, the paint that has led or other toxins, and the kind of wood that requires premier, etc. They are also well-versed with the latest painting trends as well as the most effective techniques that ensure the job is done in the shortest time possible without compromise on quality.

2. Their work is guaranteed 

A dependable commercial painter will offer some guarantee on the work they do which is normally twelve months or more. This type of security assures you that a great job will be done, and there is nothing to worry about. Additionally, the painter will be well-covered by insurance another huge perk because the insurance provider will pay for any damages that happen when the painter is working on your property saving you from a lot of headaches. A top notch painter will also be licensed to offer the services; thus you can be certain that you are in the capable hands.

3. The painter is well-equipped for the job 

Despite the fact that painting may seem like a very easy task, the reality is a different story. It requires the proper paint, tools and skill to achieve a professional job. An expert will come with all the tools that are needed for the task at hand. They have the expertise needed to handle the equipment in the right way. These include things such as extension ladders, the right brushes, rollers, scaffolds, and any other piece of equipment that will help them achieve an attractive and smooth surface.

4. The professional deals with the prep-work 

It is vital to note that regardless of the sophisticated techniques that are used to paint a surface if the prep-work has not been done properly then the results will not look good at all. A good commercial painter knows how to take care of stains and spots, scrape the walls, and smooth out a surface before the painting is done. This way, the results will look perfect without any lumps, and they will also last longer which means that you will not have to keep re-painting all the time. He/she will also make sure that your floors and furniture are protected while the painting job is in progress. The professional will also be responsible for cleaning up when the job is done.

5. They eliminate risk of injury 

Painting is considered quite monotonous and dangerous at the same time. This is especially true for a person who is trying to cover places that are hard to reach. It can be very easy for a person working on a scaffold to lose balance and fall off, something that can lead to an injured spine, broken bones, or other injuries. A professional, however, is expected to have the skill and experience balancing and working on such equipment to get the job done without too many complications. The expert will also put in place the necessary safety measures to protect themselves when doing the job so that fumes and other toxins do not affect them or your family. This is crucial when it comes to protecting the health of your family.

6. It is cost effective 
You may think that you could end up saving loads of money by taking up the painting project, but in the long-run, you could end up spending a lot more. For instance, if you make any mistakes, you could be forced to hire the professional to come and make them right. The expert knows the quantities and types of paints to work with for different scenarios, thus end up doing a better job with longer-lasting results. Remember that the market is filled with numerous paint options and it may be quite confusing for a person to pick the ideal paint for their property. This is not an issue for the expert because they can identify the best paint without any problem. The professional can also offer expert advice on the right shades to use if you are not too sure about the colors to paint. As mentioned earlier, they also come with their tools which mean that you will not have to spend money to purchase or rent the tools needed.

7. Give you time to focus on more important things 

When you have left the painting job to a commercial painter, you get to enjoy more free time that can be used to handle other important activities in your life. This could be anything from spending more time with family and friends, getting more work done, or just sitting back and relaxing as you wait for the professional to be done. You will also not have to spend time and resources trying to learn how to get the painting job right, which can be draining, especially if you will only be doing it once and do not want to take it up as a career.