Thursday, 1 October 2015

How To Paint Your HDB in 7 Easy Steps

HDB flats are becoming more popular among the people living in Singapore as they provide various benefits to their residents including elegant and stylish living. But the beauty and elegance of these flats depends on how their residents maintain their looks and how they decorate these flats by using various accessories and painting them frequently. In this way painting can be one of the methods which can be used to improve to looks of these flats so that they can attract everyone including you. Some easy steps to paint your HDB flat are provided in this write-up so that you can accomplish the task easily and effectively for improving its appearance and value.

Tips to paint HDB
Hire a professional painter: Though you can paint your HDB flat yourself, if you know how to do it, but if you are ignorant about the tools and skills required for this purpose then it is better to hire professional painters for this purpose. They can paint your flat beautifully on the basis of their experience and professional knowledge. You can find a number of professional painters in Singapore from which you can choose the best one after comparing their prices and quality of services offered. You can also find them online as most of the reputed service providers have given their complete information on their websites.

Set a budget for painting your flat: The cost of painting your HDB flat depends on various factors including the quality of paint used, standard of the painting service provider, size of the flat and types of services offered. So to keep this cost under your control you set a budget for this purpose so that you can arrange th things accordingly. You can consult with the painter you have hired to know about the expected cost of painting your flat with various types of paints. This will help you in making better decisions in this regard so that you can arrange the finances accordingly.

Create a time schedule: You are going to paint your HDB flat to improve its looks. The painting of flat can be a time taking task as you will have to face several hazardous situations during this process. Most of the paints used for this purpose include various chemicals which may be dangerous for your respiratory system due to their unsuitability to you. So you may have to leave the place and shift to any other place until the project is completed. So you should create a time schedule with your painter so that the process can be completed in time for the convenience of both, your painter and you.

Consider the safety of your family: The quality of paints used for painting your HDB flat depends on its brand. Different brands produce paints of different qualities and most of them produce inferior quality paints to increase their profits. But these paints are usually harmful to the people living the house where they are used. In fact they use toxic chemicals in their paints. So while selecting paint for your flat you should ensure the safety of your family by purchasing paints that do not include elements that produce harmful gases. The paints you buy for this purpose should allow you to breathe-in safely after they are fully dried. Moreover you should move-in your flat only after giving enough time to the paint to dry up completely for the safety of your family members.

Painting should reflect your personality: While painting your HDB flat you should ensure that its looks should reflect your taste and personality so that you and your family feel comfortable and safe in it. You should ensure that you have arranged enough paint of your choice to complete the job as per your preferences. You should also ensure that the shade of the paint matches to your liking as you have to live in this flat. It will not be comfortable for you live in this flat if the shade of the colour used in painting is not your favourite one. The colour of your paint should also match with colours of other decorations, furniture and assets used in the flat. All these things will also help in boosting the decor of your entire flat.

Use good quality paint: The quality of paint used to paint your HDB flat can help the hired painters in completing the job for long time. If you have used inferior quality paint then even the best painter cannot ensure to provide good and long lasting results. Good quality paints last much longer than low quality paints. Though you have to pay a bit higher for good quality paints but their long life compensates their higher price as compared to cheap quality paints. Low quality paints can damage the looks of your flat even after a few days as they cannot withstand with changing weather conditions including heat and cold. They lose their shine, fade away and even peel off with the change in natural temperature. So to ensure the long lasting beauty of your flat you must invest, not spend, on good quality paints while painting it as they will return their value with time.

Regular care of the painting: Though your HDB flat looks great after painting it but its beauty can be enjoyed for long time if you take its care every now-and-then to refresh its looks. Your flat will not lose its shine if you hire a painter at least once in a year to recoat its paint. In this way your paint will serve you for long time as frequent care can also ensure the durability and strength of your flat as it can also help in strengthening its construction.

Thus you can easily paint your HDB flat by following the steps provided in this write-up. In order to retain the beauty of your flat for long time, along with hiring an experienced and professional painter, you should use good quality paint as even a good painter cannot create long lasting wonders with cheap quality paint